La felicità. Launch in Rome

We are delighted to announce the international launch of our latest book Happiness & Domestic Life, next Thursday 1st December in Rome.

Professor and philosopher María Teresa Russo, chief editor of the publication, leads the event at the Università Roma Tre, Via del Castro Pretorio 20 in room P2.

The event consists of a round table discussion of the concept of happiness and the familiar places and meaningful relationships at the roots of ethics. Participants are Antonio Petagine, Università Roma Tre, Vinicio Busacchi, Università di Cagliari and Nicola Di Stefano, CNR Roma. The moderator is Professor Cecilia Costa, Roma Tre Department of Training Science.

Guest speaker is Roberto Rossi, the author of Aristotle: The Art of  Living. Foundations and Practice of Aristotelian Ethics as a Path to Happiness. Franco Angeli, Milan 2019.

If you are in Rome and would like to attend, it is an excellent opportunity to see us and to be a part of celebrating this significant contribution to the field of home and well-being .

For more details about the book click here.

Migration and uprooting

Is relational happiness possible?

Newsletter October 2022

Dear Homemaker,

I hope you have had a happy summer and were able to enjoy time with your family. As our world faces so many challenges, we and our households face a difficult autumn. As always though, we know that it will be the values and care of the home which will help see us through.

We have worked hard this year to bring our latest publication to press. ‘Happiness and Domestic Life‘ was available from the end of August. This book uses a multidisciplinary approach to examine the relationship between the quality of domestic life and the home environment in the context of current changes.  Our books add substantially to academic discourse on the “missing dimension” of the home and are published by the prestigious Routledge publishing house.  Intended for this academic audience the book is also available in an online version. If you are following this aspect of our work and would like a copy, please see here for a discount code: ADC22

Today, Thursday 6 October, is the first online launch of ‘Happiness and Domestic Life’ with the Argentinian association, MIF, Mujeres Independientes y Federales, 9.30h in Argentina, 13.30h in UK, 14.30h in Rome. This Spanish language launch will be led by the distinguished philosopher and editor of the book Professor Maria Teresa Russo, and our head of Communication, Ángela de Miguel. If you would like to join, please register and the link will be sent to you. We are also working on future presentations in Italy, Poland, UK and Spain. If any researchers are reading this and you would like to discuss organising a round table to address these issues in your university, please do get in touch with us.

The main focus of our autumn has been our Expert Meeting: ‘The Home and Displaced People’ on 22 – 23 September. Supported by the Social Trends Institute, we were the guests of the Catholic University of America in Washington DC. This meeting of experts in migration theory, policy and practice marks a new focus so far unexplored by HRF, but one which generated very valuable and promising engagement.

Migration crises and the uprooting of people who are forced to leave their country of origin is a reality that affects millions of people. Experts discussed dignity, respect, solidarity, identity, integration, work, care, mental health, violence, racism, policies, entrepreneurship, investment. It was two days of rich multidisciplinary conversation and continuous learning that our experts will soon put down on paper but in the meantime here is the video.

There is lots of information here and food for thought for the coming months, so I shall just close by wishing you and your homes a good and fruitful season,

Bryan K. Sanderson

Launch in Argentina

Last Thursday 6 October we had the honour of presenting our latest book ‘Happiness and Domestic Life‘ in Argentina. The association MIF, Mujeres Independientes y Federales invited the professor and philosopher Maria Teresa Russo and the head of Communication of HRF to a round table discussion on the relationship between homes and society and its direct effect in terms of happiness.

It was a virtual meeting that you can watch here

If you want to know more about this publication you can click here and access the table of contents. There is a digital version that you can buy with this discount code ADC22.

See you soon.

The Home and Displaced People

Migration: A Multidisciplinary Conversation

On 22 -23 September Home Renaissance Foundation, supported by the Social Trends Institute (STI), convened the Multidisciplinary Expert Meeting: The Home and Displaced People, hosted by the Catholic University of America in Washington DC.

The meeting organizer and leader Professor Sophia Aguirre and invited expert contributors discussed the global experience of migration, both that of people on the move and the governments and agencies engaged in addressing migration’s personal and geo-political impact. The lens through which contributors were invited to share their expert insight was that of the role of the home; the home as a place that is left behind; the sense of home that remains; the ways in which home can be reconstructed.

The dialogue that this approach afforded was rich and layered – as is the benefit of drawing in experts in different fields to focus on a shared concern. This model pioneered by STI and developed in fruitful partnership with HRF over recent years fostered both confidence and a collaborative attitude to the two days of the meeting. Perspectives were heard from the disciplines of psychology, media and communications, social entrepreneurship as well as those of the law, politics and public policy, and from leaders of agencies engaged in migrant programmes.

In the coming weeks HRF will be working on the next stage of this discussion and highlighting both the individual perspectives and the coming together of these strands to help see how the value of home – and of the people leaving and seeking home – can be incorporated into further research, policy and action.

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Watch the video here!

Attachment to place

Newsletter June 2022

Happiness and Domestic Life

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