Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem

Chair in Architecture at Nottingham Trent University.

HRF Publication: The Home in the Digital Age
Conference: Happy Homes, Happy Society?
HRF Publication: People, Care and Work in the Home
Experts Meeting: The Home in a Digital Age 
Book Launch: The Home: Multidisciplinary Reflections in Nottingham
HRF Publication: The Home: Multidisciplinary Reflections
Working Paper | Responsive homes of old Cairo: Learning from the past, feeding in the future 

Professor Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem is Chair in Architecture and the Founding Director of the Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage (CAUGH), and co-lead of Global Heritage Research at Nottingham Trent University. He previously lectured and taught architecture and design at The Royal Academy of Arts in London, University of California at Berkeley, University of Sheffield and Queen’s University Belfast. Professor Abdelmonem advises several governments and international organisations on aspects of sustainable heritage preservation, urban planning and the architecture of home. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the 2014 recipient of the Jeffrey Cook Award for outstanding research in the Built Environment.