Homes are the solution

HRF at the United Nations. The day came. 15 May 2024. The United Nations celebrated the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Families at its headquarters in New York and we attended the big party. Two days full of working sessions, presentations, data, arguments, debates with a clear conclusion: The family and the home are the solution to the problems facing society today.
Discussion of climate challenge does not describe a hopeful scenario, crises follow one after the other and it seems that people are forced to survive in a world in which instability and uncertainty seem to be the norm. In recent years we have seen: demographic crisis, educational crisis, climate crisis, housing crisis, geopolitical crisis.
As we know, people need a stable climate for their development, they need security, permanence, certainty and hope. All this is possible in the environment of a stable home and a strong and solid family. That was the aim of the different organisations, academics and policy makers gathered at 42nd Street 1st Avenue, to put on the table the vital importance of taking care of families and to suggest policies that protect and promote households.
Human beings are resilient and throughout history, we have managed to overcome the various challenges that have arisen. Foresight is key and so is knowing and caring for the environment.
From the Home Renaissance Foundation and after months of work, we present our proposals. Prof. Gamal Abdelmonem opened the day with the results of our Experts Meeting and the policies suggested by our experts.
Our CEO Mercedes Jaureguibeitia closed the two days with a presentation on the ethics of care, putting people at the centre, making them participants in the world in which they live, a common home for all, and proposing the home as an ally in the face of climate emergencies.