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Needs and Gifts

There is another side of the coin that can sometimes go unnoticed. The specific care and support, not of those with extra needs, but of those with extra or particular gifts. And Emotional Intelligence can be the key! The family support too!

Caring at Home for those with extra needs

At Home Renaissance Foundation we have talked many times about the importance of home care. But we present a new perspective - that if in itself care is vital in the development of the person, then it is even more so with those facing difficulties.

Workshops Report

This is a brief summary of each workshop. We are grateful to all participants for such strong and fascinating approaches to the question of the relationship between happy homes, happy society.

Home in the Time of Coronavirus

A perspective from Poland. We are delighted that our report has now been translated into Polish, with the significant contributions of “voices” from Poland, including an introduction by Barbara Socha, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

Directors´ Report

2020 has seen HRF rising to the challenge of COVID19 and the implications for our lives and homes. Look here at our 2019 Directors' Report to find more details of our many other activities and events over the last 12 months. Our commitment to build a research-base on the study of the work of the home, to champion recognition of the value of this work and to support homemakers, has never been more vital nor more timely.

Home in the Time of Coronavirus

Responding to the coronavirus in relation to the Home, we have produced a Communication Report in which different personalities share their experience of what home is - and means - to them during this time of a pandemic.

The Value of Home Work

During this period of lockdown the internet has been buzzing with the activities that people have found helpful, therapeutic, or at least a welcome distraction at this time