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“Society”: you, me, us, all

New post! When we speak of “society” it can seem like something that does not have anything to do with us. We happily use the term society to refer to the number of problems that exist in it, but we are not aware that society is us. Society means everyone, including you!

Press Release: The Home in the Digital Age | February 2019

We live in in a world where technological advance and above all the astonishing pace of change is challenging many of the values and modus operandi we have long taken for granted. So we organised an Experts Meeting in 2019 to know what is the real impact of the Artificial Intelligence in the home.

Help at Hand?

The current media focus on digital technology has paid great – and necessary – attention to the dangers of these developments to our children. It is good this week to change the focus from dangers to benefits and from children to the older generation.

Parenting for a Digital Future

For the current generation of children and parents a new challenge – and potential reward – has come very much to the fore in recent years: How to be a parent in the Digital Age.

Artificial Intelligence and the Home

Hosted by the Home Renaissance Foundation (HRF) and the Social Trends Institute (STI) this will be the first key international gathering to address questions about the nature and implications of AI in our homes.

Who are we letting in?

The very words Artificial Intelligence make us pause. Artificial doesn’t have a good press. The truth is that the importance of the phrase Artificial Intelligence is found in its second word not its first. Intelligence. Whose intelligence and to what end?