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The Value of Home Work

During this period of lockdown the internet has been buzzing with the activities that people have found helpful, therapeutic, or at least a welcome distraction at this time

Intergenerational Care in the time of Covid-19

One of the emerging themes of the current crisis is the awareness of a previous undervaluing of carers. As one carer has put it, “We have gone from ‘low-skilled’ workers to ‘key’ workers in less than a month – but our jobs remain the same, caring for the most vulnerable in our society.”

Beating the Virus

In this article, Baroness Hollins talks about disability and autism in Coronavirus Time. "Having someone with an intellectual disability or an autistic child at home during coronavirus is a real blessing and an invitation to spend our days more mindfully but creating a new shared rhythm may take families like mine a little longer."

How does the Internet affect our lives?

There are few professions, jobs or activities that are now possible to carry out without using the internet. The current coronavirus crisis and the instructions to self-isolate have even more powerfully underlined this.

Beyond Words

Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins: "My life’s work has revolved around trying to implement the principles of the Ordinary Life movement for people with learning disabilities, that each person is entitled to an ordinary Life in an ordinary house in an ordinary street with the support that they may need to be able to live safely and fully."

Staying at Home

The advent of the coronavirus and the steps we are advised to take to control it have thrown into sharp focus the vital but often ignored core of our lives: our homes.

The Coronavirus is testing us

The COVID-19 pandemic,  already all over the world and moving fast, is going to test our homes and our families, but will also prompt us to look at ourselves.

Stories of Home

New post on our Blog. I wonder if you have ever thought about the homes portrayed in children’s stories?