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The Home and Displaced People

On 22 and 23 September, we convened a group of experts at the Catholic University of America to discuss home and displaced people. It is a reality that affects millions of people who suffer uprooting when they are forced to leave their countries and start a new life elsewhere. On the table are real stories of migrants and refugees from around the world. Here a summary.

Attachment to place

Forgive me for personalising this post so much, but I find myself in a life situation that truly reflects the focus of our forthcoming book ‘Happiness and Domestic Life‘ already on sale, and one that speaks to the focus of our next Experts Meeting ‘The Home and Displaced People‘ that we will be holding in Washington in September at the Catholic University of America.

Newsletter June 2022

As we reach the midpoint of the year and summer holidays approach for many of us, our Chairman highlights some of the milestones of these last months. We trust you have a good rest!

Happiness and Domestic Life

We are delighted to announce that we have a new book "Happiness and Domestic Life". In a month this will be on pre-sale and at the end of August, the prestigious publisher Routledge will start shipping. We are already working on the launches, in the meantime, you can see here its table of contents.

Have we looked through the peephole before we let technology in?

Last week we participated in a meeting with the Spanish association The Family Watch, they invited HRF to talk about the impact of technology in the home. And although there are no magic recipes, you can read our latest post in which we summarised some ideas. It is a joy for us to be a source of inspiration for other associations working daily for homes and families in other countries around the world.

Homes on the Breadline

The home is the place where the family returns each day to be fed. Both physically and emotionally. Fine words do not make full stomachs, but healthy attitudes to material things can and do sustain us. Here is our latest post on the BeHomeBlog.

HRF participates in the United Nations (DESA)’s first regional Experts Group Meeting in Cairo

Last week, our Patron and Chair in Architecture at Nottingham Trent University, Professor Gamal Abdelmonem delivered a keynote address, on behalf of Home Renaissance Foundation (HRF), in the United Nations (DESA)’s first regional Experts Group Meeting (EGM) in Cairo in order to prepare for the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Families, which is held every year at the United Nations.

The Impact of Technology in the Home

New Communication Project. The incorporation of technology into the home is a crucial issue in the day-to-day life of households so it is necessary to continue generating material that serves to guide families, as well as to share the feelings of parents and experts.


Our chairman Bryan K. Sanderson, CBE tells the latest news on the occasion of the quarterly newsletter. He highlights some of the most important milestones of the last three months but also announces what is to come.

Far from Home

Images of families fleeing their homes are sadly not that rare on our screens – from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan to name only a few from recent years. The events of the last week in Ukraine have brought the reality and the horror of such images much closer to home for many of us who live in the West.