New Research Partnership

We are delighted to announce a new research partnership with the International Centre for Work and Family (ICWF) at IESE Business School, Spain. The ICWF, led by its director, Professor Mireia Las Heras, has as its focus the interrelated benefits and challenges of work and family life. HRF’s unique and pioneering perspective on the life and work of the home both complements and enhances this work. Although the agreed initial four year research partnership is at an early stage, it is clear that the focus of the project very valuably reflects the mutual interests of HRF and ICWF.

The following is ICWF’s summary of the vision of the collaboration and research, a vision and confidence shared by HRF:

“Our goal with this collaboration is to conduct, publish, and disseminate rigorous research that contributes in creating a greater recognition for the work that goes into creating healthy and strong home and family environments. Work, family, and home lives play prominent roles in individuals’ wellbeing, satisfaction and functioning. There is a clear need to better understand the interplay between these life spheres. We ground our research on positive organizational scholarship, which allows us to focus on life-giving dynamics, optimal functioning, and enhanced capabilities and strengths. Our goal is to identify individual and collective (at the family level) strengths (i.e. attributes and processes) and discover how those enable human flourishing (i.e. goodness, generativity, growth, generosity, and resilience).”

Regular updates on the partnership and project will be posted in due course, in the meantime, you can see more about  Professor Las Heras and her team by visiting the Research Partnerships page on this website.