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Home and Happiness

This Communication Project is "close to home" as within its pages it touches on things closest to us all. When we asked the question "What makes you happy?" we were not looking this time for expert analyses but heartfelt responses. And this is certainly what we received.

Experts Meeting 2023 | Home and Climate Change

Understanding the power of home to transform societies in the face of Climate Emergency. An Experts Meeting that will be held at Nottingham Conference Centre in September 2023 and organised by HRF, Nottingham Trent University and United Nations.

Newsletter March 2023

Here is the quarterly newsletter by our chairman, Bryan K. Sanderson, CBE. "It is a great pleasure to get back in touch with you, especially with so many plans on the table as I write."

Even Forbes...

The research we conducted with ICWF/IESE has been reported in Forbes. Here you can read the article they have dedicated to the results of the study.

Giving Up? That´s for Marie Kondo

And suddenly the news came out… Marie Kondo Japanese decluttering Queen gives up… Now with three children, she prefers to enjoy time with them rather than tidying up the house… But we think that keeping going really works! Happy habits help to make everyone feel truly at home.

New Study in Collaboration with ICWF/IESE Business School

According to the first study by IESE Business School’s International Center for Work and Family and the London-based international think tank, Home Renaissance Foundation, mental health, self-esteem or well-being could be threatened by phubbing because parents perceive that they must be highly available for work at any time of the day.

In conversation with...

Our first guest is Prof. Antonio Argandoña. He is one of our most active directors and thanks to him the foundation experienced a significant academic boost. He has been the editor of all our books. We have talked to him about Home Renaissance Foundation.