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We are pleased to announce that our new book with prestigious publisher Routledge is now available.

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Preface: The home, a place for families to grow
Sir Harry Burns

1. Home and Care in a Changing Society
Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem & Antonio Argandona

Feature Article 1: A Home for Later Life
Lord Richard Best

2. From Care in the Home to the Transformation of Other Care Environments in Homes
Belén Zárate, Consuelo León and Remei Agulles

3. The Healthy Home at Early Years
Cristina Costa and Asunción Esteve

4. Unsafe Food Handling and Preparation in Poor Households
Naheili Greaves-Fernández & Maria del Carmen Rabiela-Sotelo

5. Responsible Citizenship and Our Common Home: Taking Care of the Natural Environment in Households and Beyond
Maria Rosaria Brizi

Feature Article 2: My Home, My Life: Aspirations of People with Intellectual Disability for an Ordinary Home and an Ordinary Life
Sheila The Baroness Hollins

6. The Home as the Primary Source of Intellectual Development: From a Phenomenological and Anthropological Perspective
Usochi Ilozumba

7. The Ageing of Parents in the Home of an Adult Person with Disability
Horacio Joffre Galibert

8. Taking Care of Saver Disabled Child at Home: Caregivers Burden and Chance of a Personal Growth
Aleksandra Kroll

9. A “Sense of Home”: Perceptions and Expectations of Elderly People about Residential Care Facilities
Gabriella Facchinetti, Marco Clari, Michela Piredda, Stefania Abbondanza, Maria Grazia De Marinis

Feature Article 3: UpToYou, Emotional Education for Personal Growth in the Early Years: Educating Interior Dispositions
José Víctor Orón Semper

10. Work at the Home: Purpose, Function, and Care
Antonio Argandoña

11. Aligning the On-Demand Economy with the Home as a Workplace
Teresita Abay Krueger

12. Caring for the Home in Iberoamerica: A Cross-Country Comparison
Sandra Idrovo Carlier, Belén Mesurado, Patricia Debeljuh

13. Working from Home: Is Technology a Help or a Hindrance in Achieving Work/Life Harmonisation?
Kathleen Farrell

14. Singapore: Developing Life Skills and Changing Mindsets about and through Work in the Home
Audrey Tan


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Our new book with prestigious publisher Routledge is now available.