The Home in the Digital Age | Routledge

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This book has gone on sale in May 2021 and is focused on the challenges facing the home in the digital age.

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Bryan K. Sanderson, Home Renaissance Foundation

Carlos P. Cavallé, Social Trends Institute

Sonia Livingstone

1. Introduction: The Home in the Digital Age
Antonio Argandoña, Joy Malala and Richard C. Peatfield

2. Digital Home: The Missing Element for a People-Centered Digital Future
Mei Lin Fung and Deborah Gale

3. Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Technology in the Home
Matilde Santos and Francesca Toni

4. Contested Homes in the Age of the Cloud: The Changing Socio-Spatial Dynamics of Family Living and Care for Older People in the 21st Century
Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem

5. Homes as Human-Robots Ecologies. An Epistemological Inquiry on the “Domestication” of Robots
Luisa Damiano

6. Homes through the Design Shift in the Digital Age
Ioana Ocnarescu and Dominique Sciamma

7. Automation, the Home, and Work
Stephen Davies and Maria Sophia Aguirre

8. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work
Mia Mikic and Joy Malala

9. Ethics and Digital Technologies in the Home
Antonio Argandoña