Our goal with this collaboration is to conduct, publish, and disseminate rigorous research that contributes in creating a greater recognition for the work that goes into creating healthy and strong home and family environments.

Home Renaissance Foundation has carried out a study with the International Work and Family Centre of the IESE Business School, in order to find out how the work of the home influences the person, the family and their well-being at work.

Here are the conclusions and recommendations:

  1. Phubbing threatens our mental health and family wellbeing

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2. The work of the home is the new ally for achieving better levels of employee wellbeing

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3. A positive attitude towards housework has a positive influence on parents’ relationship with their children

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Academics involved:

Mireia Las Heras | Professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Spain – where she serves as the Director of the International Center for Work and Family.

Yasif Rofcanin | Professor in Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management at the University of Bath and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Organisation and HRM Division, Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour and HRM at the University of Warwick -Warwick Business School.

Marc Grau | Professor and a Researcher at the Childcare and Family Policies Chair at Universitat International Catalunya and a WAPPP Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School.