Home Management Education in the Workplace

Our homes have a unique and essential influence on the overall sense of well-being, happiness and effectiveness in our personal and family lives. Business consultants provide education to improve management practices within all types of organizations. Organizations are consistently concerned with enhancing job performance and employee satisfaction. One factor that influences employee satisfaction is the effort to balance the many demands of life. This paper describes how more effective home management can have a positive influence on work-family balance.

Tell me what you learn and I'll tell you how you'll eat: The different ways of food and cooking "learning" and its influence on decisions of consumption

For a few decades already, the extension of the work-related life outside the house for women has shaped a new situation within the home, but without giving rise to a new distribution of roles at home. Except for some exceptions, it is stated that the majority of cooking activities are carried out by the adult woman of the household group.

Professionalism begins at Home

I studied law and finished off with a Masters degree. After my studies I worked for some time before I got married and started a family. From that time onwards, bringing up my family was my profession. I raised four children and the youngest is now 12 years old.