Home and Happiness

This Communication Project is "close to home" as within its pages it touches on things closest to us all. When we asked the question "What makes you happy?" we were not looking this time for expert analyses but heartfelt responses. And this is certainly what we received.

The Impact of Technology in the Home

The reviews of our latest book, ‘The Home in the Digital Age’ and the reflections we have received after its presentation in different parts of the world, reinforced our initial thesis: the incorporation of technology into the home is a crucial issue in the day-to-day life of households and it is necessary to continue generating material that serves to guide families, as well as to share the feelings of parents and experts.

Caring at Home for those with extra Needs

At Home Renaissance Foundation we have talked many times about the importance of home care. But we present a new perspective - that if in itself care is vital in the development of the person, then it is even more so with those facing difficulties.

Home in the Time of Coronavirus

Responding to the coronavirus in relation to the Home, we have produced a Communication Report in which different personalities share their experience of what home is - and means - to them during this time of a pandemic. See versions.