Newsletter March 2023

Dear friend,

It is a great pleasure to get back in touch with you, especially with so many plans on the table as I write. Although in this quarterly newsletter, we look back on the highlights of the last three months, this time I will also be able to announce some exciting future events.

To begin with, we are delighted that the results of the first phase of the research we have carried out with ICWF/IESE have already been published and you can consult them on our website. Please see here the article published in Forbes and the Mercator interview with the academic leader, Mireia Las Heras. These fascinating results will be presented with a round table on Tuesday 16 May at the Telefónica Foundation in Madrid. More details to follow soon.

HRF directors met in Rome in February to welcome the new directors of the board:  Maria Teresa Russo, M. Gamal Abdelmonem and Susan O’Brien. Valuable reflections came out of this meeting hosted by Professor Russo at Roma Tre University, thanks to the two external experts who came to inspire new approaches to our work. You can read more about Prof. Wauck’s session ‘Toc, toc! “It´s me”‘, and Prof. Antonio Argandoña, who reflected on Juan Narbona’s presentation, ‘Home and Trust’.

It is a privilege to have such a distinguished and engaged board to work on current and future projects. A key one of which is the Experts Meeting on ‘Home and Climate Emergencies’ led by Professor Abdelmonem co-organised with Nottingham Trent University and the United Nations. This event will take place in September, 2023.
Friendly reminder, if you are researching the impact of households on climate change, and would like to participate, please get in touch with us by sending an email.

Earlier this month our Communications and Project manager, Ángela de Miguel, on behalf of HRF attended as a Think Tank Observer a meeting on Mental Health and Families in Madrid, which you can read more about here. Today, she is in Brussels, invited by a European association that connects companies and foundations with young people entering the world of work to find opportunities together. The strong and timely message both at home and in society: it is important to work together.

With my best wishes to you and your home and family and with thanks for your support of our work throughout the year,

Bryan K. Sanderson, CBE

Connected Homes | HRF is delighted to be working with Professor Bridgette Wessels and her team on the Connected Homes Project with The Crichton Trust. See here: Connected Homes Report

What Makes a Home a Home | The Institute of Family Studies recently shared this positive post by John Cuddeback of Lifecraft, which echoes HRF’s recent work on relational well-being and the home. See post here: What Makes a Home a Home