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3rd HRF Conference 2011 | Sustainable Living #Day1

A distinguished panel of speakers at the Sustainable living: Professional Approaches to Housework conference discussed the negative image of housework and how it can be given a 21st-century makeover to rid it of the negative connotations in modern culture of “drudgery”, “repetition” or of “women chained to a kitchen sink”.

3rd HRF Conference 2011 | Sustainable Living #Day2

During day two of the Sustainable Living: Professional Approaches to Housework international conference speakers and panellists drew from their different realms of professional and academic expertise to explore the important role the homemaker plays in social sustainability.

HRF Symposium 2009 at IESE Business School | Barcelona

What is the link between home economics and a sustainable society? There are many who would say not much. The three speakers at the Home Renaissance Foundation symposium held in May 2009 in the IESE Business School, Barcelona, had a lot to argue against this general consensus.

2nd HRF Conference 2008 | From House to Home

Home Renaissance Foundation international conference, From House to Home, architects and urbanists, as well as experts in the fields of economy, sociology, business management –and even a museum director – gathered to answer the question, ‘What makes a house a home?’