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New family dynamics - the advent of the Granny nanny

There's a quiet revolution visible across Britain, repeated throughout the world - the rise of the Granny nanny. Grannies and Grandads can be seen pushing buggies up and down the country, meeting children from school and accompanying youngsters to sports centres or after-school clubs.

Less is more, or not!

I have a friend who is something else. I wouldn’t like to brag about friends but I just cannot help but tell you about this one. Don´t miss out on this article!

Best friends forever?

So it’s been said. Officially. People have just as much of a duty to look after their elderly parents as they do to care for their own children. The words came from a Government minister in the House of Commons.

The rise of the plastic home

I recently recorded a video diary for a TV news item. It involved a week in which my family and I would try and cut back on the use of plastic in our home. The TV producers wanted to underline to viewers just how much single-use plastic we throw away.

"Family" : A Psephological Holy Grail?

Politicians love families. Or, at least, they say they do. Listen to a budget speech, or Prime Minister's Questions, and you will hear one phrase repeated ad nauseum; "hard-working families". Three pithy words, with one objective