Remei Agulles

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

HRF Publication: People, Care and Work in the Home
Book Launch: The Home: Multidisciplinary Reflections in Barcelona
Conference: A Home: a place of growth, care and wellbeing
Experts Meeting: The Home: A Complex Field
Experts Meeting: Professional Work of the Home

Remei Agulles is an Assitant Professor at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona, Spain) and she also researches at the Institute of Advanced Family Studies. She holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Navarra and is a Ph.D. candidate at UIC Barcelona. She has been a researcher in the Department of Entrepreneurship at IESE Business School. She has coordinated a study on “The Value of Care in the Home. The Care of Children in the Family Environment”, supported by The Family Watch and the Foundation Barcelona i Família. Her current research interests involve knowledge-sharing in service multinationals, learning in practice, family relationships and care, and human beings as dependent beings.