Marta Bertolaso

Professor for Philosophy of Science at Campus Biomedico de Roma

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Marta Bertolaso is Professor for Philosophy of Science in the Faculty of Science and Technology for Humans and the Environment and at the Institute of Philosophy of Scientific and Technological Practice, at University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy.

Her expertise in Philosophy of life sciences, of scientific practice and in Philosophy of complex organized systems with a strong scientific background has allowed her to promote and collaborate in very interdisciplinary research and educational projects.

She has been focusing her research on the Epistemology of science and Philosophy of biology and medicine, too. In particular, both her previous laboratory works in oncology and current endeavours in the Philosophy of science have dealt with different aspects of regulatory and control issues of complex biological systems, organizations, and growth.

She has also studied how different explanatory theories evolve in science, and how (mechanical) models can be considered a way towards discovery in the bio-technological field. How science works in practice, from biology to bio-engineer, has also been one of her most recent areas of research and philosophical reflection. A particular attention has been paid to Systems Biology as it has been strictly connected with contemporary research on the organismic dynamics.

More recently, she has been involved in research program exploring the impact of modern philosophy of science’s main trends in our understanding of human work and its future mediated by the new AI technologies.