Experts Meeting: Home/Family and Climate Change
Working Paper | Towards a sustainable and home-based economy: The changing landscape of work-life balance and the societal and environmental Impact of working from home as a business model
Book Launch | The Home in the Digital Age in Madrid 

María José Monferrer Freire is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors. With a Master of Science’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from UPV (Valencia Polytechnic University), María José has a strong business acumen and is proficient in multiple languages. She has gained international
experience throughout her career. Additionally, she is an alumna of renowned Spanish Business Schools, including Instituto de Empresa for the International MBA, IESE Business School for the
Advance Management Program (PDD) and ESADE for the Women Leadership Promociona program. María José is president and co-founder of AIverse, promoting Artificial Intelligence.
Associate professor at UC3M Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She is part of the Scientific Advisory Board of Fundación Gadea. Board of AEITM Madrid branch of the Spanish professional
association of Telecom Engineers. She is the co-founder and former Vice-president of EJE&CON (Association for Executive and Board Members), where she leads the ForoTech. She also has
served as the Chair for the BT Spain Gender Equality Network. With over 25 years of international professional experience, María José has worked in various roles within the sales and procurement departments at BT Group. Her key areas of expertise include leading change through commitment, transforming business models to enhance customer experience, and
recognizing innovation as a crucial factor for success. María José Monferrer Freire is an occasional speaker and a lifelong learner. She is passionate about promoting STEM talent,
driving digital transformation, fostering entrepreneurship, and championing innovation. As a change agent, she actively contributes to these areas.