Luisa Damiano

Associate Professor at the University of Messina

HRF Publication: The Home in the Digital Age
Experts Meeting: The Home in a Digital Age 
Working PaperHomes as Human-Robot Ecologies. An Epistemological Inquiry on the “Domestication” of Robots

Professor Damiano (PhD in Epistemology of Complex Systems) is Associate Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Messina (Italy), where she coordinates the Research Group on Epistemology of the Sciences of the Artificial (RG-ESA).  with a focus on the Synthetic Modeling of Life and Cognition, in particular in Synthetic Biology and in Cognitive, Developmental and Social Robotics.

She worked on these topics within scientific teams, with which she is still collaborating (University of Salento, Italy, and ELSI, Japan, SB-AI Project; Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Kyoto, Japan, Artificial Empathy Project). On the topics of  her research she published many articles, co-edited three special issues (Artificial Empathy: An Interdisciplinary Investigation, with H. Lehmann and P. Dumouchel, International Journal of Social Robotics, Springer, 2014; What can Synthetic Biology offer to Artificial Intelligence (and vice versa)?, with Y. Kuruma and P. Stano, BioSystems, Elsevier, 2016; Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence: Towards Cross-Fertilization, with Y. Kuruma and P. Stano, Complex Systems, 2018) and wrote two books: Unità in dialogo, Bruno Mondadori, Milano, 2009; and Living with Robots, with P. Dumouchel, Harvard University Press, 2016.