Joy Malala

Lecturer at Aston University

HRF Publication: The Home in the Digital Age
Experts Meeting: The Home in a Digital Age 
Working Paper | The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work

Dr Malala is an early careers scholar who has a special interest in researching financial regulation and supervision, the legal accountability of regulators, corporate governance, as well as the regulation of financial innovation and technology. She particularly researched on the legal and regulation of mobile payments systems which she examines in her book, “Law and Regulation of Mobile Payment Systems: Issues Arising ‘post’ Financial Inclusion in Kenya.” This book the first of its kind, addresses the legal and regulatory issues arising out of the introduction of mobile payments in Kenya and its drive towards financial inclusion. It also addresses the vulnerabilities presented by technological innovation for consumers after financial inclusion. She also researches financial sector reform through the consideration of the role of Central banks, and systemically important financial institutions and their impact on emerging economies.