José Víctor Orón

Researcher in Mind-Brain Group at University of Navarra

HRF Publication: People, Care and Work in the Home
Conference: A Home: a place of growth, care and wellbeing
Working Paper | UpToYou, Emotional Education for Personal Growth in the Early Years. Educating Interior Dispositions

Fr José Víctor is a researcher in Mind-Brain Group (Institute of Culture and Society) at University of Navarra, Spain. His main area of reseach is emotional education and  he created and runs an educational program called UpToYou ( He gained extensive pedagogical experience as a profesor, tutor and member of management team for 15 years in secondary and high school. After his Master in neuroscience and cognition he got his PhD in education and psychology in University of Navarra. Other related areas of research are: personal development, neuroscience and education, emotions and adolescence. UpToYou develops its activity at two different levels: research level between Reading University (UK) and University of Navarra (Spain) and, implementation level in pedagogicaly formation of teachers and parents in several cities arround Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Cameroon.