Janine Nahapiet

Emeritus Fellow of Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford

Conference: From House to Home
Working Paper | The importance of creating a context for relationships

Janine Nahapiet specializes in the links between strategy and organization. Her activities focus on organization theory and design with a particular emphasis on the challenge of managing effectively across boundaries, within and between firms. She is well known internationally for her influential work on social capital and its significance for organizations. Her co-authored paper ‘Social capital, intellectual capital and the organisational advantage’ was selected by the Academy of Management as the best article to appear in the prestigious Academy of Management Review in 1998. It has recently been identified as the second most cited article in Economics and Business published during the last decade and the fifth most influential strategic management article published in the last 26 years.
Now in her portfolio career, she continues her long association with the University of Oxford as an Associate Fellow at Templeton and at the Said Business School, enabling her to focus all her research, teaching and consultancy on her chosen agenda with an international network of colleagues. This agenda is Organizing for the 21st Century with a particular emphasis on relational perspectives. Current projects include work on partnering, virtual teams, organisational practices that build human and social capital and leading, managing and governing networked
enterprise. Janine speaks regularly at international conferences, both practitioner and academic.