International Conferences

V International Conference: Happy Homes, Happy Society?

The leading question for the conference is ‘to what extent does the quality of domestic life (family relationships, environment, technical tools, housing style) influence individual and social happiness, in the context of current changes?’
NOVEMBER 12-13, 2020 Organised by HRF & Social Trends Institute

IV International Conference: A Home, a place of growth, care and wellbeing

An interdisciplinary conference on the pivotal role of the home in health and social care. Two main aims: to present and consolidate current thought and evidence on the role of the home in promoting and sustaining health -both personal health and the health of society at large; and to promote future evidence-based discourse and policy-making.
NOVEMBER 16-17, 2017 Organised by HRF

II International Conference: From House to Home

What makes the space we live in a home? This question is worth answering if, as we believe, the wellbeing of each person begins in the home. Study and research shows that a successful home influences the welfare of our society.
NOVEMBER 20-21, 2008 Organised by HRF

I International Conference: Balanced Diet - Balance Life

Before setting up the foundation, Excellence in the Home, as we were previously known, organised its first International Conference. It saw the coming together of experts in the fields of sociology, nutrition, economics and marketing, and practitioners in the hospitality and care industries. Debates were held on the topics of diet and personal well-being and unhealthy lifestyle trends challenged.
May 14-15, 2006 Organised by HRF