Deborah Gale

Intergen Leader at Encore Fellows UK

HRF Publication: The Home in the Digital Age
Experts Meeting: The Home in a Digital Age 
Working Paper | Digital Home: The missing element for a people-centred digital future

Gerontologist researcher, ex-Apple Computer, optimizing intergenerational solutions over the life course.
Adapting the US model for transitioning pre-retirees from private sector into third sector. Supports CSR, transfers talent to the third sector, provides transitioning employees desire to “Give Back” whilst answering “What next?” during the midlife transition. Win Win Win!
– Drive all age inclusivity including the conscious redesign of products, services and environments aligned with intergenerational design principles;
– Expanding The Common Room where communities meet; youngers discover their purpose, olders rediscover theirs.

Women in Tech Task Force (WTTF), part of the EQUALS Leadership Coalition in parallel to the Skills coalition and the EQUALS Research coalition

Published author.
Extensive networker: relationships and contacts that span countries, industries and across age communities.
Business development: Successful and fearless in generating interest and delivering positive outcomes

To introduce and broadly implement intergenerational solutions that demonstrate the irrelevance of age segmentation while muting the negative narrative of ageism.

2019. “Digital Home: The Missing Element for a People-Centred Digital Future” at the Home Renaissance Foundation-Home in the Digital Age conference; February 2019. Co-authored with Mei Lin Fung.
2014. “Changing the Choice Architecture: Live Different to “Catch Old”​, The New Bioethics: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Biotechnology and the Body, Vol 20.2
2013. “Career Resumption for Educated Baby Boomer Mothers: An Exploratory Study”, Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, Volume 11, Issue 3.
2013. “Longevity in the 21st Century: Reevaluating the Ageing Baby Boomers Role, The New Bioethics: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Biotechnology and the Body, Vol 18, Number 1 / May 2012