Ada Fung

Deputy Director of Housing at Hong Kong Housing Authority

Conference: Sustainable Living, Professional Approaches to Housework
Working Paper | Home in the Community

Ms. Ada FUNG, JP is an active member in the Architectural field as well as in the construction industry in Hong Kong. In her career as Deputy Director of Housing, she heads the Development & Construction Division of the Housing Department. She leads a multi-disciplinary team of staff to take up all facets of public housing development work for the Hong Kong Housing Authority, from planning, design to construction, with a portfolio of challenging projects that are people-centric, lean and green. She promotes design innovation in all dimensions. She is a keen advocate of sustainability, committed to caring for people, caring for the environment, and be creative at all times.
As a progressive practitioner, she has a passion for creating a better living environment for people. She champions and drives sustainable development, community engagement, corporate social responsibility, quality assurance,
project partnering, value management, risk management, ethical integrity, site safety, green leadership and green building, Building Information Modeling, research & development, and product certification in the industry. As a leader in the industry, she has a passion in promoting continuing professional development, knowledge management and capacity building in the industry. With over 30 years’ of extensive experience, she has delivered numerous talks and lectures to share her experience and inspire practitioners as well as the younger generation in the industry. She is Chairperson of the APEC Architect Monitoring Committee of Hong Kong (2012/13 – 2015/16), a Director of the Hong Kong Green Building Council (2014 – 2016), Chairperson of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects’ Biennale Foundation (2014 – 2015), the Immediate Past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (2013 – 2014), and past Chairperson of the Architects Registration Board (2010/11 – 2011/12).