The Impact of Technology in the Home

The reviews of our latest book, ‘The Home in the Digital Age’ and the reflections we have received after its presentation in different parts of the world, reinforced our initial thesis: the incorporation of technology into the home is a crucial issue in the day-to-day life of households and it is necessary to continue generating material that serves to guide families, as well as to share the feelings of parents and experts.

We are delighted to commend to you this new communication report. Our work on ‘The Home in the Digital Age‘, supported by the Social Trends Institute, pioneered the now more widespread understanding of the home as the frontline of new technologies. In this report, the implications of increasingly digital homes are given voice through powerful and insightful testimonies. If the home is to be understood not just as another market, but as the place where life-long wellbeing is fostered, then we do well to take a discerning view of what comes through its doors the challenges and the opportunities.

We hope that this report will be a valuable resource for those working in this field, and for all with an interest in the fast-growing role of technology in the home. We hope too that it will be an even more
vital reminder of the human work needed to engage with the challenges and to make the most of the opportunities on offer in our homes today.

English version ‘The Impact of Technology in the Home’

Spanish version ‘El Impacto de la Tecnología en el Hogar’