Magaly Sánchez

Fulbright Scholar 2021-2022

Experts Meeting: The Home and Displaced People
Working Paper | Venezuelan International Migration and how a Welcoming Colombian Migration Policy Fostered Integration into Society

Magaly Sánchez, is a Fulbright Scholar 2021-2022 and Visiting Researcher at Department of Political Sciences and Global Studies at UNIANDES. She served as Senior Researcher and Scholar at the Office of Population Research at Princeton University (2003-2020) PENN University (1998-2003) after being a Professor at the Institute de Urbanism in the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Her work in Latin America has been characterized by the study of the urban areas, metropolis and the growing informal world that permanently coexisted in all spheres of society. She stressed research on urban segregation, barrios, and youth violence and radicalization. In the United States, Professor Sanchez -R has studied International Migration to the United States, with special interests in the construction of Latino Identities. She advanced research on International Migration of Venezuelans Talent and High Skilled Educated to the United States, as well other immigrants’ groups. She researches the new alliances of State-Society under the authoritarian regime in Venezuela, towards a criminalized State. Recently, following the complex humanitarian crisis and the progressive imposition of an authoritarian regime, she advances her research work, on Venezuelan HSE migrants to Colombia.