Gerard Casey

Professor Emeritus at University College Dublin

Symposium: Homemaking & Social Sustainability

Gerard Casey is an Irish academic who is Professor Emeritus at University College Dublin. He holds law degrees from the University of London and UCD as well as a primary degree in philosophy from University College Cork, an MA and PhD from the University of Notre Dame and the higher doctorate, DLitt, from the National University of Ireland. He was formerly Assistant Professor at The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.), 1983-1986 and Adjunct Professor at the Pontifical Institute in Washington D.C., 1984-86.[1] He was a member of the School of Philosophy in University College Dublin (UCD) (Head from 2001–2006) from 1986 until he retired in December 2015. He is a Fellow of Mises UK and an Associated Scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. He has also been a member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, the American Philosophical Association and The Aristotelian Society.