The Home in the Digital Age in London

The international think tank, Home Renaissance Foundation, launches its latest book The Home in the Digital Age on Monday 7 February at the House of Commons during a session hosted by Miriam Cates MP.

The aim is to analyse the impact of artificial intelligence on the home and the policy implications with experts and to open the floor to attendees.

Contributions by:

– Bryan K. Sanderson CBE, Chair of Home Renaissance Foundation (HRF)

– Anne Fennell, Chair of Mothers At Home Matter (MAHM)

– Dr. Stephen Davies, Historian and Head of Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs and a key contributor to the book The Home in the Digital Age.

– Dr. Tom Harrison, Director of Education at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham, and author of the book Thrive: How to cultivate character so your children can flourish online.

The session will end with an opportunity for further discussion and questions.