V International Conference: Happy Homes, Happy Society?

The leading question for the conference is ‘to what extent does the quality of domestic life (family relationships, environment, technical tools, housing style) influence individual and social happiness, in the context of current changes?’

About the conference

This Conference will explore the contribution of the home to the wellbeing/content/happiness of individuals at all stages of life and by implication and evidence to wider society. And it will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the vital role of the home in connecting and nurturing individuals through shared values, work, and purpose.

This conference builds upon HRF’s proven expertise in gathering world-class academics and professionals to present multidisciplinary research and experience relating to the life and work of the home. It specifically builds upon the Experts’ Meeting held in 2019 on The Home in the Digital Age. It also allows us to revisit the contribution of architecture (2nd Conference 2008) and to develop one of the aspects of health and wellbeing covered at our 4th Conference (A Home: A Place of Growth, Care and Well-being, 2017).

There is a clear public as well as academic and professional engagement with this topic. The 5th Conference should generate new material suitable for publication as a part of a growing series on topics relating to the home, but should also be a point of reconnection with and refreshment of earlier themes and concerns. This will promote future evidence-based discourse and policy-making.

The conference will be organized into two strands with keynotes, paper givers in dialogue, roundtables and workshops: Happiness linked to activities of the home, and Housing, connecting and social interaction.

November 12-13, 2020 | The Royal Society of Medicine, London W1G 0AE