The Home in the Digital Age | London

Artificial Intelligence in the Home: Who are we letting in?: Homes are being opened to new technologies, for good and ill. What are the implications for our homes, our lives and our relationships in the Digital Age?

25-26 February 2019 | At The Royal Society of Medicine, London

How are the new technologies changing our homes, our lives, our relationships?

The focus of this third Experts Meeting was on the contribution of Artificial Intelligence and the new technologies to the life and work of the home – “The Home in the Digital Age.”

Paper givers and respondents were distinguished academics and professionals working in the area of AI. The focus of the meeting was to address, among other related questions:

  • How are these new technologies changing the perception of our bodies, our biographical perception and social relationships?
  • What are the new factors in play and how can they be employed to serve the ends that we consider worth preserving in the case of the home and household?
  • What might be the specific benefits and the specific costs of how the new technologies can enhance children’s growth, their social integration, intergenerational relationships in the domestic environment, and the care of the elderly?

Details of paper givers, respondents and proposed papers:

Professor Luisa Damiano | Associate Professor. University of Messina, DICAM, Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations
Respondent: Dr Ioana Ocnarescu,  Strate Ecole de Design, Paris
Focus: Homes as connectors: modelling living spaces in the era of human-robot co-evolution

Mei-Lin Fung | Co-founder with Vint Cerf of the People Centered Internet, World Economic Forum
Respondent: Dr Gloria O. Pasadilla Senior Analyst, APEC Policy Support Unit in Singapore
Focus: Digital Home – Recognize the Perils and Realize the Promise

Professor Gamal Abdelmonem  Director, Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage (AUGH). Nottingham Trent University, UK
Respondent: : Homayoun Alemi, Architect. RIBA.
Focus: Contested Homes in the Age of the Cloud: The changing socio-spatial dynamics of family living and care in the 21stcentury

Professor Francesca Toni | Leader of Computational Logic and Argumentation, Imperial College, London
Respondent: Professor Matilde Santos. Complutense University, Madrid
Focus: Survey of AI for the home and society at large

Dr Mia Mikic | Director Trade, Investment and Innovation Division. United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok
Respondent: Dr Joy Malala, Strathmore University, Kenya
Focus: The impact of A.I. on employment

Dr Stephen Davies | Head of Education at the Institute of Economics Affairs (IEA), London
Respondent: Professor Sophia Aguirre, Catholic University of America, Washington DC
Focus: AI, automation & the home

Key Note and Q&A: Digital families: grand hopes, growing fears, everyday struggles
Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE FBA, London School of Economics, UK
Q&A Facilitator: Professor Rosa Lastra

The tried and tested format of the Experts’ Meeting hosted by HRF with the generous support of STI, allowed for a high level of presentation and discussion on this very topical and relevant area to both individuals and society – it all starts in the home.

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