The Global Home Index | British Report

A UK-wide study on the home launched at the House of Commons on November 6th, 2017.

We have hereby provided an analysis of British families and their demographical changes over recent years. This information should provide a context for the data obtained from the Global Home Index study (GHI) and aid with interpreting the various results of this project, which will be presented in section 3.

The data subsequently presented in this report, gathered between March and December 2016, was part of a global study involving 9000 individuals from 94 countries. The initiative was a collaborative effort, involving the Home Renaissance Foundation (London); the Walmart Centre for Work-Family balance, IAE Business School (Argentina); and the Culture, Work, and Care Centre of INALDE Business School (Colombia).

The preliminary data we introduce here concerns details such as measurements of time dedicated to housework, perceptions of the utility of this housework, and distribution of tasks.

In total, 273 British citizens were involved in the Global Home Index Study. Those involved were distributed over 70 towns and cities within the UK and Ireland, with around half residing within the London. The vast majority of study participants (90%) were female. The age of individuals ranged widely, from 18 to 82 years, with an average age of 45 years. In terms of their employment status, approximately 30% of participants identiļ¬ed as full-time homemakers and 10% were retired or unemployed.

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