The SMART way to run your home

  • What is SMART?

SMART Home Management Course fills the vacuum and provides the skills needed to run an enriching home. The migration of women to the work place, the changing priorities in managing a home, and the limited time available have created the need for further knowledge and skills to revitalise the home.

  • Why and when was it born?

In 2012 a group of mothers became aware of the need for homemakers to see their role as a profession, and of the urgency for developing the skills necessary to become competent and to avoid being overwhelmed by the work of the home. To this end, SMART Home Management was set up to provide holistic courses that offer training in every aspect of the home, from family relationships to de-cluttering a room.

  • Content of the courses

SMART courses provide the life skills needed to run a home successfully. The short courses offered are:

–  Time Management

–   Budgeting

–   Nutrition and Meal Planning.

–   Maintenance and Cleaning

–  Communication, relationships and roles within the home.

–  Creativity in the home.

By the end of the SMART Home Management programme you will:

–  Possess the skills necessary to enrich your home-life.

–  Reduce your weekly outgoings in all areas of running the home.

–  Organise your day to have more time for you and your family.

–  Be able to deal with unexpected situations calmly and efficiently.

– Improve your relationship with all members of the family.

  • Since then…

The SMART Project has provided coaching and training to 20 mentors; and a total of 315 women have participated in the SMART workshops, learning new skills as well as how to apply these in their own homes and in the wider community.


SMART Home Management has a great impact on many homes by raising the standards of the home and enhancing the well-being of those who live there.

  • “It has saved my marriage, thank you very much. I say this for two reasons: I am meeting the important needs of my family without stress, and this in turn is providing the basis for peaceful relationships at home” . (Croydon)
  • “This is an innovative course; nobody has given me this insight before, and I am hoping it will bring a new dimension to my everyday family life”. (Aylesbury)
  • “I have learned how to economise and thus to maximise my budget – which is not big. This has been of particular relevance at a time when my husband is out of work.” (London)
  • “The course is very good for a number of reasons. It is given by down-to-earth coaches who don’t just read out the slides but instead expand on things, giving examples and handy hints at every step. This also enables further discussion of the topic afterwards in an open and relaxed manner. A social event with fantastic food”. (Manchester)