Development & Sustainability: Care in Daily Life

Though it may seem obvious that generations are different one from the other, it is not easy to pinpoint the reasons for these differences and what drives changes. The answer to this question reveals the context of the next generation of human development, and the need to understand the challenges, values and vision that it presents of the world.

Home Renaissance Foundation’s Annual Conference 2014 took place in Bogota, Colombia from December 3-5 2014.  

The topic of the Conference was “Development & Sustainability: Care in Daily Life”. The schedule included a day of workshops on different topics as well as a day and a half of conference and paper presentations.  

It was co-hosted by the Universidad de la Sabana and Home Renaissance Foundation in association with INALDE’s Culture, Work and Care Research Centre.  

The conference examined the relationship between care and sustainability in two spheres of daily life -work and home- with the goal of:  

  • Establishing a link between the concepts of home, work, care and sustainability
  • Reformulating the definition and structure of work in both the public and private (domestic) spheres
  • Catalysing innovation on the topics of development, sustainability and care in daily lifE

 Visit the Conference Website for more information.