BeHome Blog

Since its launch in June 2012, the BeHome Blog has achieved great success in communicating the crucial role of the home.

This blog is Home Renaissance Foundation’s loud-speaker for fostering a renewal of the culture of the home in society, together with the responsibility of families in caring for the young and the elderly.

The BeHome blog maintains that the home is the place where individuals grow and develop, so it is in society’s best interest to look after it. Concerned that sometimes the world outside the home may absorb us completely that the home and the work of the home will become unimportant, the Foundation found that interesting and effective content on the blog was worthwhile channel for catalysing recognition of the home.

All articles, interviews and news on the BeHome blog show the ‘professional’ vision we give to the home and a firm belief that a professional approach to housework can enhance the wellbeing of present and future generations. Therefore we also assert that homemakers, whether stay-at-home or working parents, deserve better as they are crucial in creating a good home environment and thus happy families.

Home Renaissance Foundation’s Media Relations team is increasing the impact of the blog. Joanna Roughton is putting her extensive experience in journalism as Senior Editor at Reuters in Hong Kong and Singapore, and Head of Foreign News at Sky News in London in helping the organization spread its important message. Rosemary Roscoe is putting her experience as journalist and mother in… Angela de Miguel a Spanish radio journalist and digital consultant is updating the current affairs on the blog and on social media.

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