Home and Happiness

This Communication Project is “close to home” as within its pages it touches on things closest to us all. When we asked the question “What makes you happy?” we were not looking this time for expert analyses but heartfelt responses. And this is certainly what we received. As you read the thoughts of a rich variety of voices and look at the drawings sent to accompany them it is hard not to be moved. For at the heart of happiness are those we love.

The quality of our relationships has the greatest impact on our lives. Our personal well-being is inextricably linked to how we relate to those around us. There is increasing evidence that health and economic outcomes are also shaped by this – those in strong and stable unions enjoy both the daily and life-long benefits of being in good relationships. Of being able to thrive, not just survive.

At Home Renaissance Foundation we know that good relationships start at home. They are built and modelled when we are young and equip us to build positive relationships. Supporting the home supports the flourishing and well-being of each new generation, as the many young contributors to this report can testify.

We hope you will enjoy reading this report and commend it to you now as an encouragement to value all those things closest to home for us all.



The Impact of Technology in the Home

We are delighted to commend to you this new communication report. Our work on ‘The Home in the Digital Age‘, supported by the Social Trends Institute, pioneered the now more widespread understanding of the home as the frontline of new technologies. In this report, the implications of increasingly digital homes are given voice through powerful and insightful testimonies. If the home is to be understood not just as another market, but as the place where life-long wellbeing is fostered, then we do well to take a discerning view of what comes through its doors the challenges and the opportunities.

We hope that this report will be a valuable resource for those working in this field, and for all with an interest in the fast-growing role of technology in the home. We hope too that it will be an even more
vital reminder of the human work needed to engage with the challenges and to make the most of the opportunities on offer in our homes today.

English version ‘The Impact of Technology in the Home’

Spanish version ‘El Impacto de la Tecnología en el Hogar’

Caring at Home for those with extra Needs

At Home Renaissance Foundation we have talked many times about the importance of home care. But we present a new perspective – that if in itself care is vital in the development of the person, then it is even more so with those facing difficulties.

We present you with our latest Communication Project: Caring at Home for those with extra needs
We are proud of what we have achieved. It has not been easy because these people are so humble that the last thing they want is to be the protagonists of anything. But they deserve it. Them, their families, their environments. For their attitude, for their courage, for their way of looking at life, for their determination, their effort and their example. Because there is nothing impossible for them and they are a constant lesson in self-improvement.

Thanks for agreeing to participate in this project. Society needs you more than ever.
We would be very grateful if you would share this document. Let others enjoy reading it too.

English Version ‘Caring at Home for those with extra Needs’

Versión Española “El Cuidado en el Hogar de Personas con Discapacidad”

Home in the Time of Coronavirus

At Home Renaissance Foundation, we responded to the pandemic with articles related to the renewed centrality of the home during lockdown, and with our Communication Report Home in the Time of Coronavirus, which was very welcomely received and widely downloaded.

This encouraged us to produce Spanish and Polish language versions. See below what you wish.

English Version Home in the Time of Coronavirus
Spanish Version El hogar en tiempos de Coronavirus 
Polish Version Dom w czasie epidemii koronawirusa 

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