HRF is inspired by…

Home Renaissance Foundation is inspired by the Christian values of justice, freedom, respect for human dignity, striving for excellence and an ideal of service. HRF believes that professional excellence in attending to the fundamental needs of a person and their environment contributes to the well-being of people and society by making it more humane.

What are the main goals of the HRF?

The Home Renaissance Foundation’s purpose is to restore the status of the home in a world where work has become all-consuming. The research we commission and publish examines how a healthy and well-run home nurtures families of all generations and helps provide social cohesion for society at large. The HRF looks at running the home through a different prism; where science, art, psychology, culture, skills and an aptitude for management, all play a part.

Where does HRF operate?

The Home Renaissance Foundation is an international organisation, with worldwide research projects and studies of the home involving international partners. The headquarters of the organisation are in London but the HRF also has affiliates in the US, Argentina, Italy and Spain.

When was the HRF created?

The Home Renaissance Foundation gained charitable status in 2007 and became a think tank in 2011. The organisation was originally set up by a group of people who – through their work as sociologists, journalists, doctors, economists, and philosophers – recognised the urgent need for research in this area. They agreed to attempt to bring a new perspective to a very old subject.

What is the Home Renaissance Foundation?

The Home Renaissance Foundation is a London-based think-tank. It promotes greater recognition and understanding of the work that goes into creating successful and harmonious home environments.¬†¬†Individuals grow and develop at home, so it is in society’s best interests to look after it.