Communication Projects

Caring at Home for those with extra Needs

At Home Renaissance Foundation we have talked many times about the importance of home care. But we present a new perspective - that if in itself care is vital in the development of the person, then it is even more so with those facing difficulties. 
April 1, 2021 Created by HRF

Home in the Time of Coronavirus

Responding to the coronavirus in relation to the Home, we have produced a Communication Report in which different personalities share their experience of what home is - and means - to them during this time of a pandemic. See versions.
May 14, 2020 Created by HRF

BeHome Blog

Since its launch in June 2012, the BeHome Blog has achieved great success in communicating the crucial role of the home.
2012 Created by HRF Read more


Homemakers is an audiovisual project which seeks to capture on film how a homemaker is in the 21st century.
2014 Directed by HRF Read more