Susan O’Brien

“My combined involvement with professionals of the Hospitality industry over the years, along with my familiarity with theories relevant to human flourishing has led me to give great importance to the way each and every family home functions behind closed doors. The multi-layered capabilities and vulnerabilities of the human individual make the safe place of unconditional family love essential for personal development and meaningful participation in the social fabric. While this is accepted and generally understood, too often the subsequent need for a fully functional material home with its routines, traditions and details can be overlooked. I believe the Home Renaissance Foundation has a crucial role in highlighting pathways to remedying this.”

After her BSc Institutional Management, Susan undertook her Masters and Doctorate in Educational Sciences majoring in philosophy and theology in the University of Navarre. She has worked for many years in the charity sector, first as Principal of Lakefield College of Hospitality, where she managed the introduction of to work-based training and qualifications. Susan has worked as Director of Studies and of Hospitality Personnel and Training Management for the Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation (DHEF), a Registered Charity as well as a Company Limited by Guarantee for many years. This included among others being an advisor to Lakefield College of Hospitality London, and advising on the executive committee of the Baytree Centre, Brixton, London, an intergenerational project helping women overcome social exclusion and maximise their personal and family potential. Susan was an Advisor for the Excellence in the Home International Conference, which launched what then became the Home Renaissance Foundation.