Sophia Aguirre

“Research across disciplines is increasingly underlying the importance of family life for the normal development of a person and, thus, for sustainable economic growth. In this context, the role of the home is fundamental. As an economist, I am convinced of the need to promote interdisciplinary research that will lead to a greater awareness of the importance of the work of the home. Working with Home Renaissance Foundation is a pleasure as their focus on this topic places them in the cutting-edge of research.”

Dr. Aguirre is the President of Catholic Distance University and a Professor Emeritus of Economics at the Catholic University of America. She is the founder of the Integral Economic Development Programs at this School. She specializes in international finance and integral economic development. She has researched and published in exchange rates and economic integration, as well as on theories of population, human and social capital and family as it relates to integral economic development. Dr. Aguirre has lectured at both the national and international level. Since ICPD ’94, she has actively participated in UN Conferences. She testified in front of Congresses and Parliaments on national and international issues related to population, family and health.  She has also advised several governments on women’s education, family policy, and health.  She was a presidential appointee to the US Advisory Commission on Foreign Diplomacy.