Mercedes Jaureguibeitia

“The aim of the Home Renaissance Foundation is not merely to focus on the problems that are all too evident in society today regarding the home, but rather to centre our efforts on developing solutions that will help the work of the home be better understood and appreciated. In that way I feel that the fundamental needs of the individual and the family can be best met. With the pressing need to increase society’s awareness of the importance and dignity of the work of the home I endeavour to preserve our vision so as to bring it forward to realisation.”


Since studying Business and Commerce at the School of Commerce in Bilbao, Spain, Mercedes has worked extensively in the charitable sector, primarily in managerial roles and financial administration.  After specialising in the field of accountancy and finance for 10 years, in 1982 she became Financial Consultant, then Company Director and Finance Director to Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation (DHEF), a Registered Charity as well as a Company Limited by Guarantee. She attained a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Management of non-profit organisations from City University. In 2006 Mercedes was appointed Project Manager of the international interdisciplinary conference Excellence in the Home, the impetus behind Home Renaissance Foundation and went on to become Executive Director of HRF in 2007. The skills Mercedes has acquired in the voluntary sector particularly in fund-raising, management and communications, have enabled her to raise the profile of HRF and direct it towards achieving its objectives.