Juana María Sandoval

”With great joy I welcomed in 2006 the creation of HRF with its aim of researching ways of renewing the culture of the home, something most needed for the future development of society.  My experience as an educationalist and my work with different Foundations makes me aware of the relevance of the work of the home for the family and as a result for society at large.  From its beginning I have followed HRF’s  progress and tried to cooperate as much as I could.  Therefore, I am now very grateful to have  been asked to collaborate in a more direct way with the Foundation and its work.”


Juana’s background in education began in Argentina, but subsequent qualifications and experience have been gained across Europe.  She studied for her Masters and PhD in the Philosophy of Education through the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain, and has taught Philosophy at university level.  Although Juana is now based in Sweden, much of her professional life has been spent in the UK.  She has a particular interest and expertise in the nurture and development of young people and families.  She was involved in the creation of Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation, a charity which promotes education for women and the family.  Juana extended her work to Ireland and Sweden organising international courses in Dublin and Stockholm, establishing links with other European countries.  She is currently Director of Ateneum Studiecentrum in Stockholm, where new generations of young people are benefiting from Juana’s considerable experience in this field.