Elisabeth Andras

“I regard myself as a mother by profession or perhaps I should say a ‘Chairwoman’ of a small expanding enterprise: the family! I am convinced that one cannot neglect the work and care of the home without jeopardising the development of personal and cultural standards – a conviction that has been confirmed by the vision of Home Renaissance Foundation. It is, therefore, a great privilege to be actively involved in an international organisation which I believe will protect what are the fundamental requirements for a human society.”


Elisabeth Andras was born 1955 in Zurich, Switzerland. Her parents are of Hungarian origin and finally settled in Luzern, Switzerland, where Elisabeth spent her childhood with her four siblings. She studied law in Fribourg, Switzerland and finished with a Masters. Extended sojourns in the United States and in France as well as a job at the auction house Christie’s, Zurich, completed her education. She has been married since 1982 and is a full-time mother of five children. In 2003 her oldest daughter died of cancer. In 2005 Elisabeth published the book, Schenk Mir Dein Lächeln giving a testimony about the joint path during her daughter’s illness. Elisabeth is member on the board of the Limmatstiftung, a charity foundation in Zürich. She is also engaged in different programs concerning the formation of women. In 2007 she founded the group Mutterplus, which aims to recognise the status of mothers by profession. Currently, for Mutterplus she organises workshops and cultural programmes to aid the vocational training of mothers.