Colin Brazier

“The home faces lots of competition. Work means some of us spend long hours in an office or living out of a suitcase. Ever-increasing commutes to work mean the car is a second home for many. And, when at home, reality can be side-stepped on the internet, inside one of its virtual worlds. Ironically, the home has rarely enjoyed more attention. Glossy interior design magazines, house ‘makeover’ programmes on television. But there is more to the home than the latest light fittings. People make a home, through their interactions, traditions, routines. It is frequently unglamorous and, consequently, frequently undervalued. The HRF exists to right that wrong.”


Colin Brazier is a television news presenter and author who writes about the value of larger families in modern society. His work as a journalist has brought him several industry awards, including a gold medal from the New York Television Festival for his reports from Afghanistan. His research on the obstacles faced by bigger families is published by the think-tank Civitas. Entitled ‘Another Child Matters’, it draws on Colin’s own experience as a father-of-six, as well as data from Britain and elsewhere, to argue that society fails to give larger families the credit they are due.