Bryan K. Sanderson, CBE

“As the vision of Home Renaissance Foundation elucidates, the home plays a vital role in shaping lives and is where one seeks to find security; where one can be trusted and be certain of finding a set of values that remain constant despite the instability or confusion that can be brought about by everyday life. As Chairman of Home Renaissance Foundation I wish to encourage the spread of knowledge and understanding of the importance of the work required to form such a place and re-establish its rightful position as top priority for the wellbeing of society.”


Before becoming Chairman and Founding Director of Home Renaissance Foundation and Chairman of the Low Pay Commission, Sanderson was Managing Director of BP, Chairman of BUPA and Standard Chartered Bank. He also helped establish the Learning and Skills Council as its first Chairman. He served as Vice Chairman of the Court of Governors at LSE and is a Trustee of the Economist Group. After gaining a BSc in Economics at LSE and furthering his education in the IMEDE Business School Lausanne, the majority of Sanderson’s business life has been in the management of advances made in areas ranging from technology to corporate law, from financial regulation to societal and cultural behaviours.