Conference Update

With just one month left until the celebration of our 5th Academic Conference “Happy Homes, Happy Society? The contribution of domestic life in a time of social changes” supported by the Social Trends Institute, we would like to inform you of how it will finally be carried out, taking into account the difficulties that COVID-19 has imposed on us.

On November 12 and 13 we will not be able to meet face to face as we had already announced, but both on Thursday and Friday we will publish on our website in video format a summary of the presentations of our academics and an abstract of their papers.

The agenda will be as follows:

  • Thursday 12th November

Welcome by our Chairman Bryan K. Sanderson, CBE

Keynote Lord Richard Layard, Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and Director of the Centre’s Wellbeing Programme

Professor María Pia Chirinos, Director for Institutional Relations and Professor at the Department of Humanities at the University of Piura, Perú | Presenting on: Care, Flourishing, Happiness: the Challenge at Home in Everyday Life

Doctor Stephen Davies, Head of Education at the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) | Presenting on: Happiness and the Structure of the Home

  • Friday 13th November

Professor Maria Bakardjieva, Professor and Chair in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Calgary, Canada | Presenting on: Home Implosion: Digital Media and the Reinvention of the Private Sphere

Professor Bridgette Wessels, Professor of Social Inequalities at the University of Glasgow | Presenting on: Creating meaningful connected homes: the relationships and dynamics of household-digital technology interactions in fostering wellbeing

Professor Agnieszka Nogal, Head of the Political Philosophy Faculty at the University of Warsaw | Presenting on: The impact of domestic happiness on public space

David Thunder, Researcher and lecturer in political and social philosophy at the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Navarra | Presenting on: The “Neighbourhood” as a Pivotal Element of the Infrastructure of a Flourishing Society

Before the end of the year, the Scientific Committee will assign a workshop to the paper givers who are participating by sending your full paper. Those will be held online at the beginning of 2021 to give you the opportunity to share and disseminate your work with other researchers. The workshops will be moderated by academics from the corresponding discipline. Subsequently, the papers that will be part of the next publication will be announced.

We will publish on our social networks all the content related to the Conference and the main messages of our academics, so you can always find all the information on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The hashtags will be #hrfconference2020 and #HappyHomeHappySociety We encourage you to follow us and to please mention us in your messages.