Experts Meetings

The Home in the Digital Age | London

Are new technologies changing our homes, our lives, our relationships? Homes are being invaded by new technologies, for good and bad; technology is shaping various bodily dimensions and functional capacities of people and changing their expectations with respect to the domestic environment too.
February 25-26, 2019 Organised by HRF

The Home: A Complex Field | London

A deeper understanding of what a home is, and why everybody looks for a home, can help us to identify the right categories to understand relationships and their relevance in society.
NOVEMBER 2-3, 2015 Organised by HRF & Social Trends Institute

Professional Work of the Home | New York

A meeting to further understanding of the work of the home, its formulation, and importance in the development of human and social capital. With a special focus on the "Professional Work" needed to create a well-functioning home.
NOVEMBER 29, 2012 Organised by HRF