Why the Family Meal is Cooking Again

There is something about a regular shared meal that anchors a family, no matter what the food is nor the topic of conversation. Research is showing again and again that family meals are what help teach children to be a positive member of their culture.

'Super-nannies’ to help parents

53% of people think poor parenting is the main cause of bad behaviour and 85% blame parents for allowing children to become out of control. So maybe a little help at a particularly difficult time from a ‘super-nanny’ could be hugely effective; a ‘helping-hand’ would make parenting easier.

Are we worthy of our kitchens?

As advertising campaigns resort to the claim that the perfect washer and dryer create the perfect family, family life in fact is as rushed and chaotic as ever turning the so called ‘perfect kitchen’ into no more than an empty kitchen as family meals decline.

Shop Class as Soulcraft

What ordinary people once made, they buy; and what they once fixed for themselves, they replace entirely or hire an expert to repair… Perhaps the time is ripe for reconsideration of an ideal that has fallen out of favor: manual competence, and the stance it entails toward the built, material world.

Long-hours threat to family life

Teachers forsee a tragedy on the child and the family, yet the government believes that the idea that somehow women going back to work are letting down their children is frankly ludicrous.

Why Dinner Time is the Cornerstone of Family Life

You can’t underestimate the importance of all sitting down to eat together and it’s important children know they have a time when they can sit down with their parents and be listened to. It is this that creates a close family who gets on well and has fun together.

The Importance of Family Dinner: A Myth?

A question for working parents: Do you use dinnertime to be involved with your children? It’s not the food that’s important as much as the time and connection.

Women's Liberation Through Housework

Apparently, even with the monetary and psychic rewards of paying jobs, we still yearn for that cozy, clean nest – home. Despite what was taught in the 70s, deep down, we have a perfectly respectable desire to create an attractive, peaceful haven for our families and ourselves.

The Prandial is political

Eating is a cultural act - a healthy diet therefore, affects not just the individual’s health but also the health of society. If this concept has been ignored in public health campaigns, as it has, it is no surprise that the past 40years of dietary advice has failed. And, unless it adapts to the history and sense of community of those to whom it is addressed it is doomed to fail hereafter.